Van Os - Sonnevelt: rental of furniture and equipment for trade fairs, seminars, exhibitions events
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Season's greetings for 2019

We at Van Os-Sonnevelt wish you and your dear ones a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. more news
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About Van Os


Through 360° innovation Van Os-Sonnevelt aims at being the reference in furniture rental.

Nothing is easier than renting out Furniture. Nothing is more challenging than adequately responding to the ever changing furniture needs of a wide range of customers. By linking high grade furniture, an impeccable service, fair prices and permanent innovation, Van Os-Sonnevelt aims at occupying a pole position in short term furniture rental.

The innovative pulse of the company translates in a critical analysis of our own processes and procedures, and in the strategic alliances we create with other partners to better react to changing expectancies and circumstances.


Sustainability is a key element in Van Os-Sonnevelt’s philosophy.

Van Os-Sonnevelt wants to create added value in a durable way by developing both internally and externally, a customer oriented company culture. Both management and staff put customer expectancies central in their day-to-day operations and organize their activities with the perspective of a lasting customer relationship.

Our strong focus on durability translates amongst others in business processes with a minimal impact on people and the planet. Customers at Van Os Sonnevelt need to assured that the proposed solutions are the most ecological ones.


Quality, transparancy and customer orientedness are the core values of Van Os-Sonnevelt.

Entire libraries and theories are dedicated to quality. At Van Os-Sonnevelt, we believe that quality care is an everyday responsibility for everyone who works in the company. In 1994, Van Os-Sonnevelt was the first in its industry to obtain the ISO 9001-certificate. For you as a customer, the quality management system means clear information, accessible ordering procedures and flawless delivery.

The glass front of our company building is a symbol of the way Van Os-Sonnevelt operates in its market: in an ambitious yet open way, communicating intensely with all stakeholders, and with transparent procedures for both customers and suppliers.

The most important touchstone is your satisfaction as a customer. That is why we continuously sound for your comments and feedback They help us to improve our performance every single day.

Look after the environment, rent!

Because of our close affinity for cattle we of course like to keep the environment as clean as we can. So we rent out our products. That means they can be used again and again and we are not left with useless equipment at the end. That also helps to limit the mountains of waste.

We also use environmentally-friendly materials for our packaging whenever possible. Cleaning? We do that with bio-degradable products.

For Van Os - Sonnevelt, 2019 will be the last year

At the beginning of April, after 43 years, we put an end to our rental activities. We look back on a great journey with the most fantastic employees and customers.

From 31 March 2019 you can contact

Thank you for your trust in Van Os - Sonnevelt.